SPHS 504 American Public Univerity Strength Cardio Supersets Discussion

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We will begin to look at methods on how to design effective strength training programs using varying methods.

For this forum you will need to read the following article. The citation is shown below.

Ashmore, Amy 2011, Strength and Cardio Supersets, IDEA Fitness Journal, 8 (4), 28-31.

Note: Permission to link use this article is granted by the copyright holder, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, www.ideafit.com.

After you have read the article answer the following questions:
1. When I refer to the ‘patterns of activation’ of a muscle during different movements, what am I talking about from:
a. A mechanical perspective?

HINT: literally the biomechanics/form of the movement.

b. A physiological and physical perspective?

HINT: these are structural elements.

2. What physical entity within the muscle is being activated differently under different movement conditions? How does the central nervous system recruit the muscle differently under different demands?
3. How does varying the pattern of activation of a muscle contribute to total work load?
4. Different movements activate different muscles in different ways. What are other ways to vary the work load of a muscle during training sessions?


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