SPHS 504 APUS Fitness Programs & Physical Training Exercises Discussion

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This is a forum post. Please answer the question very strength forward. Total min 250 words. Add references

1. In Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Track and Field, pages 125-136 of there is a program, with progressing levels shown for endurance/fat burning training, first for beginners and then for more advanced exercisers. Following this on pages 136 – 148 programs for power/general fitness training, with a number of different routines, e.g. every other day, split, agonistic, antagonistic, synergistic. And finally there are strength programs provided also with variation in the routine. What is the first difference (training variable) that you notice between these three programs? Is there anything that you would do differently between these two programs? Why? Can you spot the exercise that would more than likely be too difficult for novice exercisers in these programs? How would you suggest novices proceed when beginning a weight training program in relation to these programs in the readings and are there any modifications you would make to them? Explain your answer.

2. You might notice that once we get to the Women’s programs, the term firming is used versus mass gains or strength. Is there any real difference in the mechanisms at the level of the neural system or muscle that is different between men and women? In other words, if I have both a man and a woman use a 5 pound weight for biceps curls, is there anything going on that is different between men and women per the changes in the muscles and/or CNS? Explain your answer.

3. Building on the question above, why do men see greater hypertrophy and strength gains than women?


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