stages and stage terminology assignment

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This assignment will be three short responses to the videos and files included in this unit. You will receive two points for each area below, for a total of 6 points. Please indicate clearly which number you are answering of the three questions below.

1. Theatre Spaces Around the World:

After viewing the images for incredible and spectacular theatre spaces, name your favorite image, where the theatre is located and what draws you to that image.

2. Inside of Theatre Spaces:

Describe the basic differences between a proscenium stage, a thrust stage, and an arena stage.

3. Basic Terminology for Staging a Performance:

Describe what blocking is, and why actors are often positioned in diagonals and triangles on a stage.


World Theatre Day: Stunning theatres around the world

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Spectacular Theatre Spaces from Around the World

15 of the World’s most spectacular Theatre Spaces: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

21 Most spectacular Theatre’s in the U.S.A: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Theatre’s Four Spaces (Video)

Basic Terminology for Theatre Spaces (Video)

Proscenium Stage (Video)

Thrust Stage (Video)

The Arena Stage (Video)

Areas of the Stage (Video)

Stage Directions (Video)

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