Standard Block Business Letter

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Week 1:
Assigned Topic: Please draft a Standard Block Business Letter

to the company at large (CDM Manufacturing International, manufacturer

of high-end commercial coffee makers) that addresses the need for

business etiquette while observing cultural differences that might be

encountered by the company’s expansion to Toronto Canada.
Format: Standard Block Business Letter (Format can be found in this week’s reading assignment and Format pages 579 – 589).
Submit: PDF draft via CANVAS to CEO Dana Fitch for approval
1. CDM Manufacturing International
2. Specialization: High-end commercial coffee makers
3. Company Location: Phoenix, AZ.

Content of the letter should be 300 words minimum

Assignment Rubric Points
1. Compliance with all directions, correct format following standard grammar. 50%
2. Content was logical, well written, and demonstrated adequate topic research. 25%
3. No evidence of plagiarism. All sources properly sited. 25%

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