Strategic Plan Assignment

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you need to develop a strategic plan for a health care organization.

In completing the
strategic plan you should include all steps as outlined in the text. At a
minimum the following components should be included:

1. An analysis of the
organization’s external environment and an identification of key
strategic issues facing the leadership.You should explain how the issues logically connect to the external environmental

2. A list of the
organization’s key stakeholders and the relationship of each to the
organization (why does each stakeholder have a stake in the organization?).

3. Using the value
chain as your guide, list the organization’s
primary resources,
competencies, and capabilities. Assess
each resource, competency, and capability and identify those that are
strategically relevant.

4. Assess your
organization’s mission, vision, and values according to the components in the textbook that I post. Make and defend any
suggestions you have for improving these directional strategies.

5. Based on your
assessment of the situation (external, internal, mission, vision, values), what
strategic actions would you recommend to your organization? Be careful to defend your recommendations based
on your situation analysis including measurement and implementation strategy
for your recommendations.

Your strategic plan should
not be any longer than 25 pages including supporting tables, figures, etc. Therefore, freely use bullets, summaries,
etc. Each plan should begin with a brief
(no more than 2 page) Executive Summary that summarizes for key decision makers
the recommendations you offer in the document. Please use APA format (this is the
preferred format for research/scholarly documents).

Duplicate checking rate: 15%

For this essay, 15-20 pages are the best, no longer than 25 pages.

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