students attitudes towards education

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Classify, to the best of your knowledge, students attitudes towards education. Here you could look at causes and effects as well as describing the attitude( and of course, describing the attitude should include discussing how those attitudes may manifest themselves in the student behaviour); you may find that the same causes and effects apply to different attitude; this is fine since your focus is on the attitude. This essay will use the classification to explore the issue. There should be 3 categories.The paper should be inclusive: the categories/ types that you cover must add up to all the members of the group from which you start. The group must be exclusive: something can’t be a member of more than one group. Make sue that you cover the same issue in each category. The categories are 1; level of interest which means u will write what does students do when they are highly interested and give cause and effect. 2: level of motivation and 3: level of perception of usefulness. Education should be of India not American. Start with topic sentence with given categories and give their cause and effect.

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