students must prepare a ten page paper on one selected theory using the model of Structure, Motivation, G r o w t h a n d Developmental p r o c e s s (if applicable), Psychopathology, and

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students must prepare  a ten page paper  on one selected  theory using the model  of Structure, Motivation,  G r o w t h   a n d   Developmental  p r o c e s s  (if applicable),

Psychopathology,  and

treatment  to analyze the theory.  M o r e   s p e c i f i c a l l y ,   in this  course we  will

make  a thorough  examination  of the major  theoretical  views,  both

philosophical  and  empirical,

attempting  to  identify the major  patterns  of influences  that

might  shape the development  of a person.

We  will  identify and  think  through  the major

conceptual  issues  of each theorist.   With  each major

theory you  should  be  able to: (I )


the  basic  structures  of personality;  (2) and the  major

motivational  features; (3)

Describe the growth  and  development  process  proposed  by each theory;

(4)  Describe  the

major psychopathology  that  might result  from  interruptions  in the  growth  and

development  process and (5) Discuss any treatment or therapeutic procedure that is recommended by

the theoretical approach

the theorist chose: Sandra Bem

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