substance abuse

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List three preliminary topics 
1) substance abuse in military life- many people don’t realize that members of the armed forces are not immune to substance use problems. Alcohol, tobacco & prescription drug abuse are heavily use among military officials. 

2)what are the cross-cultural definitions of alcohol or drug abuse? I know that in the Czech Republic beer is what’s for breakfast for many peopke , while here in the USA if a person was to admit that they have two glasses of wine a day people may give you a raised eyebrows & asking when you are going to get help. 

3)the effectiveness of AA & other 12-step groups. Many professionals believe that AA does more harm then good. People who join AA relapse more than people who quit drinking /using but seek no treatment program. 

. Do you think that you could combine all three of your topics into one topic that makes an overall analytical point about substance abuse and alcohol abuse? What types of research will you use to develop the scope of your argument about your chosen subject matter? Furthermore, do you think you will have any difficulty establishing the critical relevance of your subject matter? Lastly, what techniques will you use to be certain you are maintaining an unbiased and analytical approach when discussing your chosen subject.

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