summery and responses

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Begin this assignment by reading the following critical article, posted in Canvas:

Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, “Revisionary Company: Keats, Homer, and Dante in the

Chapman Sonnet,”

Keats-Shelley Journal

56 (2007): 39-49.

Take careful notes as you read this article. Pay particular attention to tracing the author’s

argument in your marginal notes and be sure to distinguish Pollack-Pelzner’s argument from

those made by other readers whom he cites. Also, take advantage of resources (specifically a

dictionary) to make sure you understand every word in the article.

Once you have read the article and you feel certain you understand it, write a summary. In your

summary, you’ll need to make the following analytical moves:

Early in the summary (preferably in the opening sentence), paraphrase the critic’s thesis.

Critical articles rarely have clearly-stated theses, so you will have to identify the author’s

implied thesis.

Once you have identified the author’s thesis, explain how he supports his main claim.

What evidence does the author cite? What does the author say about it?, etc. Responding

to this type of question should form the bulk of your summary.

Conclude by stating your response to what the critic argues in their article. Go beyond

simple agreement/disagreement; provide reasons for your response to the critic drawn

from your own reading of the poem he discusses.

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