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Our classrooms are filled with students who come from diverse

backgrounds. When we get to know our students and their families, we

strengthen the home-school connection, which research has reported leads

to increased student achievement. Using information gained the

textbook readings and the required article, Can Preschool Children be Taught a Second Language?,

explain strategies that effectively support students who are learning a

second language. You can use the textbook andthe recommended article, Responding to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity, to support your discussion.

Your 300-350 word post should be formatted to include the following in order:

  • Three ways to support children learning a second language in the classroom
  • Two ways to support the families of children learning a second language
  • One example of a resource you can use to help plan for children
    learning a second language, with a summary and justification of your
  • One question you still have about learning a second language

Refer to Chapter 4 of the text and additional resources, and draw from

your own insights. Citations must be properly formatted in APA style.

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