Synthesis Paper

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Jon Ronson, “How the Online Mob Set Its Sights on Me”

Roxane Gay, “My Body Is Wildly Undisciplined, and I Deny Myself Nearly Everything I Desire”


Roxanne Gay, writing as an overweight woman subject to constant negative comparisons, discusses the ways in which society’s attitudes and stereotypes affect her self-image and behavior. Jon Ronson shares his thoughts on the issue of public shaming in the social media world, pointing out the clear damage it is causing to the ways we relate to one another. Both authors use personal events to highlight their concerns with the internalization of certain extreme social attitudes and how this leads to larger social issues. Using ideas and evidence from Gay’s and Ronson’s texts, develop an essay that answers the following prompt: How do shaming and social pressure influence our behavior and the way we view ourselves?

Reminders Before You Get Started:

– Develop a clear position that persuades the reader of a connection between the two texts

– Include quotes from both readings in every paragraph, working always to make connections between the two texts

– After each quote, explain how you are interpreting or using it to support your position or thesis

– Include topic sentences that introduce the main point of the body paragraph and concluding sentences that sum up the argument you made within it

* I am attaching my previous paper for reference on how to go about it

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