Technology and the future essay

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Start with hook could be a question .. example:an article written by stephany coolnz . Stephany coolnz cobtain its fact ...

background (the intro should provide overview to the issue not source .DONT START WITH A QUOTATION OR CITATION.

Thesis statement:should be three points clearly mentioned

In looking forward approximately 30 years it has several negative or positive effect phycological, economical, political Effect in the future.

Three body paragraphs .

  1. First sentence is thesis…socially it is will..
  2. Fact (like quote from the article) this is in the middle
  3. Analyst fact
  4. Your view( no in my opinion)
  5. Concluding sentence(noooo quotes at the end) only concluding sentence

Conclusion : re-mention your examples briefly (dont quote or cite in the concussion)

  • Last page is citation and it should be MLA format citation
  • Example of citation in the body paragraph

(Second name of the author , page number)

the essay should be 1250 word or more

down below is the articles and the instructions

thank you for your help

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