TEDtalk Argument paper

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TEDTalk Argument Paper(2 pages)

The TED Talk Paper will allow you to practice a skill that is crucial to philosophy—engaging in thoughtful analysis of argumentation. In the process of composing your paper, please do the following:

Pick any argument-based TEDTalk that you find intriguing (they must be trying to persuade the audience of something).

View the Talk a couple times and take careful notes.

In 2 pages, examine the TEDTalk argument. Explain how the argument is structured and organized using tools discussed in class.

For example:

How do they distinguish their premises from their conclusion? What forms of evidence do they utilize, and how do they connect that evidence to provocative or interesting conclusions? Do their ideas flow and connect naturally? Do they begin with reliable premises? Where are they more or less concrete and concise? Do they avoid loaded language and inconsistency? Explain

how they apply, or fail to apply, these principles.

Is it a strong argument? Why or why not?


The completed paper should be 2 total pages typed, double-spaced, 12-point font (the only source for this paper should be the TED Talk you chose)


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