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: Psychology is a science. Critical thinking is vital to understand psychology theories, research, and practice. Competency in social science rests on good critical thinking skills. You have to be able to unpack suppositions, assumptions, unstated implications, claims and assertions, and meaning behind claims. How well have you grasped the application of critical thinking during your undergraduate studies?

Psychology emerged out of the discipline of philosophy. We use concepts from philosophy to ground our critiques arguments. Define two terms that are examples of concepts useful for critical thinking. Search philosophy, critical thinking literature, or argument and analysis literature. You can use a dictionary of philosophy or a source book on critical thinking concepts.

The two concepts you define should be helpful to critique and unpack arguments in psychology. For example, the concept of “slippery slope”. After you define the term give an example on how the concept you defined might be useful to unpack ideas and arguments in psychology, such as research claims or that can apply to clinical practice. Consider a therapist’s use of a therapeutic modality, or claims of a specific theory in psychology, or the use of research methods. You don’t have to locate an article that uses the concept.

Explain how you would apply the term to unpack assertions, assumptions, presuppositions in psychology. Your task is original to you when you make the connection between a concept (such as slippery slope) in psychology to unpack suppositions. This task shows your ability to apply critical thinking and argue in psychology. Attach

one article

on critical thinking with a succinct summary


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