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Describe the eligibility qualifications and registration process for voting in Texas. Identify and discuss those socio-economic factors that influence voter participation. How does Texas rank in voter turnout compared to the turnout in the United States? How did Texas turnout rank in the election in November 2014 (you can find this online)? Discuss three ways to increase voter turnout? Have these voting reforms worked in other states?

Texas’ Voter Registration System is in “Disarray” and Needs to Be Overhauled, Report Argues

Voter turnout: The six states that rank the highest and why

Texas sued over voter registration

Study: Law Discouraged More Than Those Without Voter ID

Federal Court says Texas voter ID law violates Voting Rights Act

The following article discusses some of the changes being made to voting laws across the country — by one side wanting to expand voting and the other trying to reduce access. It mentions Texas but is not specifically about Texas. It may be helpful information for your post.

The Lesson Writing Assignments are worth 50 points each. Submissions that are more comprehensive and detailed will earn a higher point total. You need several paragraphs (minimum 500 words). You cannot just write two or three sentences and expect to receive points. Make sure that you cover all parts of the question. I have added some current event articles you can read to help with your assignment. You can emphasize your point by using information from one of the linked articles, the textbook, or add your own current event or other examples (including the experiences of you or someone you know). It helps to include data in your assignment (such as voter turnout rates, incarceration rates, etc.). I want to see that you have read the material and understand the topic, so make sure you are specific in your answers.

Finally, make sure you do not just cut and paste information from an online source. I also suggest that you wait until your Lesson 1 assignment has been graded before moving on to the other lessons. If you have any questions, please contact me through the Messages link.


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