The Constitution

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Question: What responsibility do artists have to engage with politics? Is it more important to portray history and politics with accuracy or to allow for shifts for artistic purposes? How can art influence the political process? Should art be political?


GO TO MINDTAP. Read the text accompanying this assignment, plus at LEAST one of the news articles provided. After reading carefully, return to the Canvas Discussion Forum to answer the question listed above. You will see peer responses after submitting your original response to the question. Respond to at least one peer.

Your SCORE will be based on a five-point rubric:

— Relevant. Answers the question: 1 point

— Logical. Offers a clear and cogent argument: 1 point

— Well-written. Free of distracting grammatical and proofreading errors: 1 point

— Informed. Cites at LEAST one of the articles provided in Mindtap. 1 point

— Interactive. Responds to another students’ post: 1 point*

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