The Law Essay

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Should be 500 words or less, Times New Roman font, 12 point, 1” margin. Please use the format “Lastname. RW1”.

How do you know if a law is just or unjust? Give an example of a “just” law and an “unjust” law and explain.

  • Define what a just law is
  • Define what an unjust law is
  • Don’t be afraid to do research in order to come up with your response
  • Explain how you know if the law is just or unjust
  • Make sure you avoid committing fallacies and stick to facts built around your argument
  • Give ONE example of each in your explanation. Make sure you state reasonable laws, not something that makes no sense
  • Make sure your conclusion ties your thoughts together
  • Be detailed, concise, accurate, and on point. Don’t ramble on and stay on track to the question at hand. I should not have to wonder what your thoughts are. Pretend I have no idea about the laws at hand
  • Make sure you keep it at a maximum of 500 words

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