the negative effects of GMOs, English homework help

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The essay is going to be about the negative effects of GMO, a 1750-2000 word. It should be a well organized and demonstrated coherence through the effective use of topic sentences and transitions. It includes an introduction which identifies the topic, states your thesis, and gives a preview of the essay itself. Then supporting PIE paragraphs which states the reasons/sub-claims/topic sentences developing the thesis. A rebuttal section which states at least one counter argument and a response to that idea. A conclusion which raps up the paper. And cite at least 5 credible sources in the text and on the work cited list using correct MLA format. Also all the essay should be MLA format.

Then in a powerpoint I want couple of slides that 1)explain the topic itself. 2) explain the argument your making, thesis, and sub-claims.3) explanation of the 2-3 most helpful sources you used, why they’re helpful, and how you found them.4) 2-3 illustrative quotations used in the paper. 5) the most surprising thing you learned. 6)the most interesting thing you found. 6) As a result, what do you want classmates to understand or do?

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