the negro soldier movie review videography

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The movie review essay is limited to 2 pages of 12 point font single OR double spaced. Your review should include but is not limited to the following:

  • MANDATORY- offer a brief (VERY BRIEF) synopsis of the film (200 words max)
  • a description of how the characters are portrayed and their significance to the film
  • What groups or attitudes are represented by the various characters? What does the film achieve by this?
  • describe the central themes / messages the film is trying to convey…….Here, you would want to back up your claim with evidence, so show a certain scene or interactions between characters that represents the theme you discussed
  • What questions (social, political, historical, economic etc.) does this film raise?
  • Were there any stereotypes in the movie? Were they intentional?
  • How is this film linked to the course? ……be sure to incorporate social science terminology as much as possible
  • Your overall general impression of the film. How did you like the film? What do you feel was strong about the film? What needed improvement?


1) You can select other issues, or raise other questions, as long as they are substantive in nature.

2) Do NOT write a paper that simply lists a bunch of answers to the above questions. A review should follow the general essay organizational form (instructions above). Make sure you include an introduction and conclusion that outlines and / or sums up the main points in your review. Show me you have thought about the film and made connections between the film and what you’ve learned in class.


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