THe Public Policies of a government, writing homework help

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**Write a technical research paper presenting the following:

o Policy Identification and Explanation- Identify the policy and explain the key points of the public policy

o History/Background-Trace the history of the policy issue and explain what was happening that made it so the policy exist today, include the influence political parties, elected officials, interest groups, and/or specific individuals had on the policy issue. Graphic support may be included in this section.

o Differing Viewpoints-examine and analyze two or more differing points of view (though not necessarily opposing points of view), comparing and contrasting each. Graphic support may be included in this section.

o Policy Recommendation- Recommend changes to the current policy or address political or economic feasibility, and must be based on valid research presented in earlier paper sections. (student must address political and economic feasibility)

o Graphical Support-Include a graph or table presenting supporting data/statistics related to the policy and/or a political cartoon related to the policy. All graphic support should be referenced in the text of the paper and cited appropriately. The information presented in the graph/cartoon should be explained for audience, data must still be included in the paper. The appendix should include graphical support and it should ne cited internally.

**Create a power powerpoint that highlights the key information in each section of the paper

**Five or more annotated Bibliography’s- MLA format. Five sentences that summarize the Bibliography.

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