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Answer any ONE of seven questions. (2 Short Paragraphs)

1. Think of an example of how a specific organization (for- profit or not-for- profit) tried to establish a better customer relationship with you. What did the organization do? Was it effective? Why or why not? What recommendations would you make to the organization?

2. In an effort to help recover some financial losses due to the economic crisis of the Great Recession, Bank of America announced a $ 5 monthly debit card fee it was planning to impose on consumers. This plan spurred great opposition from Bank of America’s customers, causing the bank to abandon the plan. At the time, other banks already had been charging such fees, so why was the revolt against Bank of America’s announcement so strong? What part of the message delivery process could have been improved?

3. Suppose you were hired by Apple to develop a marketing campaign for their latest iPad. What would be the target market? List at least four characteristics and the corresponding market segment category that define the ideal customer. Repeat the exercise for a Toyota Prius and a vacation package to a luxury spa in Arizona.

4. Do you feel that it is unethical to offer loans at low “ teaser” rates that adjust upward rapidly over time to people who may not fully understand the consequences of increased house payments or allow people to purchase homes that they otherwise would not be able to afford?

5. Should the government provide assistance at taxpayers’ expense to those people who received these sub-prime loans and now have trouble keeping their homes?

6. Briefly compare the marketing environments for a pizza parlor and a flower shop. What do they have in common? What is different?

7. Think of the last major purchase you made. Discuss how sociocultural, personal, psychological, situational, and marketing mix influences impacted this purchase.

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