the specifications you provided in phase 1 and 2, complete the project report following the description below

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TTtProject Report – Phase 3



  • Based on the topic you selected for your project and the specifications you provided in phase 1 and 2, complete the project report following the description below. If you need to extend the scope of your project with additional requirements and features to complete your report, feel free to do so. The report will be evaluated according to the quality of the contents, considering both completeness and correctness. The project contents are based on course materials. You will find Illustrative examples in the slides presented in class and also in the book. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the professor or the teaching assistant.
    • After completing your report, upload the pdf document online in BB. Do not forget to add the project title, the name of each student in your group, and the answers to each item defined in the project structure (as described below). Use comments and annotations, as well as graphics, tables, figures or external references whenever needed to illustrate your work.

Report Structure

Design Effective Input,output and user Interfaces

  • A dashboard is a panel that integrates multiple types of graphic visualizations in order to provide useful information for users. In an e-commerce scenario, a dashboard could inform the stakeholders of a given company about: the number of sales in the past months, the demographics of the new clients who registered in the company website, products with best sales in the past weeks, etc. In the context of your project, define a dashboard for the system you are proposing, providing at least 5 visualizations and effective designs for the output information. The dashboard should include and combine the following visualization types [35 points]
    • Quantitative data: histogram, timeline, charts, etc. (at least 3)
    • Qualitative data: text analysis (at least 1)
    • Describe the scenario of use for the output you created and the medium where it should be presented, i.e.
  • Define two input forms for your system (for instance to register a new user or to complete an advanced search). Add pre-filled contents, annotations and validation rules whenever necessary. Combine different user interface elements and controls, including [35 points]
    • Drop down list, sliders, combo box, radio button, text area, edit box, image map, etc. (at least 5 different elements)
    • Tab, pagination, control buttons
  • Define the main page for the website of the system you are proposing. The user interface should include [30 points]
    • Text, graphics, menu items, etc. (at least 5 in total)
    • Explain the guidelines (at least 5) you adopted to improve the design results and the platform you choose to display the contents (e.g. Desktop PC, mobile phone, laptop, etc.) including its specifications for input and output.

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