Theory Reflection Paper

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Theory Reflections Theory Reflection: Psychoanalytic NO PLAGIARIZING PLEASE

Using the case of “Ruth”  you will have three sections for each of these papers (1-1.5 pages only, typed-no larger than 12pt font, single-spaced, one-inch margins) Case of Ruth.pdf 

  1. Theoretical Application 

You will utilize the provided case study of “Ruth” and answer the following questions (number on the reaction paper) for each chapter (identify at the top of the page). Be sure to answer every question very specifically to the theory for the respective chapter.

1.Explain how Ruth’s symptoms can be explained according to this theory’s perspective.

2.How would you apply this theory to create change (treatment) for Ruth?

2.  Personal Reaction

  Explain your personal reactions to this theory and how you relate to the theory. What do you like or not like about it.

3.  Faith Perspective

Using the readings from Cry of the Soul, explain how the material could be applied to the “Case of Ruth.” You can also reflect on the theory as it relates to your own personal faith/spiritual beliefs.

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