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The approach to Interdisciplinary research is to study a topic or question that is inherently complex and whose parts are the focus of two or more disciplines, integrate their insights, and construct a more comprehensive understanding of the topic or question (Repko, p. 199).

For this assignment, read pages 145-158 in Repko

Using your approved research topic/question, create a table like the one on page 153 (table 7.2). In the table, list the academic disciplines that are relevant to the problem you will be examining in your module 4 research paper. This will be a short paper so if your topic could be examined by multiple disciplines, I recommend narrowing down your list to include the two or three MOST relevant.

Assignment must include:

  1. Your approved research question/statement
  2. A table showing:
  3. At least two academic disciplines
  4. Each academic disciplines’ perspective on the problem
  5. A citation showing me where you learned about each academic disciplines’ perspective on the problem (these must be peer reviewed academic journal articles).

I have uploaded all the information, please complete the assignment according to the operation requirements.

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