This is my SWOT AnalysisStrengthsWhat do you do well?What unique resources can you draw on?What do others see as your strengths? ü I’m adaptableü I’m creativeü I’m good listenerü I comm

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This is my SWOT Analysis


What do you do well?

What unique resources can you draw on?

What do others see as your strengths?

ü  I’m adaptable

ü  I’m creative

ü  I’m good listener

ü  I communicate well

ü  I have varied and wide knowledge.

ü  I usually communicate well with others.


What could you improve?

Where do you have fewer resources than others?

What are others likely to see as weaknesses?

ü  I’m a poor planner

ü  I’m sometimes lazy

ü  Little job experience

ü  I lack skills for stress management


What opportunities are open to you?

What trends could you take advantage of?

How can you turn your strengths into opportunities?

ü  Much of information is available to develop my weak areas

ü  I’m talented than my co-workers

ü  I have the adequate time of improving myself.

ü  Networking

ü  I’m techno savvy


What threats could harm you?

What is your competition doing?

What threats do your weaknesses expose you to?

ü  Industry completion

ü  Increased competition for jobs available in the market

ü  Changing economy

Looking at the SWOT analysis above, create a post that summarizes what you found out about yourself in doing the SWOT.   If you focused on a particular situation, did you learn anything new in doing the analysis? Did it help bring clarity to your thinking or possible next steps? Post a couple of action steps you are going to take moving forward.

Your post should be 300 to 500-words.

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