This spring, each student will be responsible for developing a research paper on a topic related to personnel management in public administration. Your research paper should be approximately 15-20 pages long and should include a variety of resources. News

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The research paper is worth 400 points and should be roughly 15-20 pages in length. Your paper
should include the following sections:
(1) An introduction that includes your research topic/question and a road map to the
(2) a thorough review of the literature which includes a description of your public
personnel management topic, theories related to this topic, frameworks for analyzing a
problem or expanding upon the topic, etc.; and
(3) a conclusion that summarizes your main findings, discusses the limitations of your
research, and posits future research questions. If you are concerned about the idea of
developing a theoretical framework, you may use one of the frameworks provided in the
textbooks. Consult the next page for ideas on how to develop a topic for the research
You should start by describing your basic personnel issue and then dig deeper into it. An “Alevel”
paper should include a solid theoretical framework for the analysis. Your literature review
should be analytical, not summative. Your sources can be diverse, but I want to see a nice mix
of materials. You must use some academic, peer-reviewed journals for this paper. I

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