Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Appendix Questions

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In 300-400 words total answer the following questions from your reading/listening of Thomas Paine’s appendix (see link below for the 18 minute reading with transcript):

1) Who is Paine’s intended audience? What ideology is he promoting and why might one find it persuasive?

2) Why is ‘now’, or 1776, a critical period for the American colonists according to Paine?

3) What does Paine’s work suggest about the opponents of independence? What, if any, common ground is there between individuals calling for independence as opposed to those calling for reconciliation?

4) What do you think Paine meant when he wrote, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”?

MLA FORMAT!!!! Graded based on their breadth, scope, use of evidence, and coherence.


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