Topic 1 DQ 3

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

The Institute of Medicine articulated that the future of nursing should include evidenced-based practice by 2020. The IOM committee made recommendations that barriers to nursing practice and care should be removed such as transforming education; collaborating and leading; promoting diversity; and improving data. They emphasized that nursing should continue to develop skills and competencies in leadership and innovation and collaborate with other professionals in the healthcare system (Lynch, J.P., 2015). Implementing evidence-based practice helps clinicians make strong clinical judgement to deliver good quality patient care with improved outcomes.

There are several barriers to implementing evidence-based practice that include nurses’ busy schedules and lack of time. Also, many nurses do not have knowledge or experience with EBP or familiar with it. There is also resistance to change. Staff often comment that “we’ve always done it this way” and trying to change this culture is hard. It’s important to engage stakeholders in trying to implement EBP, they play a key role in identifying outcome measures. If they put trust in the process it will be an easier implementation. Administration support is also important, and they play a key role in the organizational culture that supports EBP. If they think there is benefit in an EBP environment, then their support is key to engaging staff for improved patient outcomes.


Lynch, J.P., (2015). IOM releases progress report on future of nursing 2020 goals.…

Ginex, P.K., (2018). Overcome barriers to applying an evidence-based process for practice change. News, views, and advocacy from the oncology nursing society.

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