Topic 5 DQ 1.2

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references

The role of a nurse manager is a difficult and demanding position. Leaders play a crucial part in charge of keeping the healthcare system moving forward. The nurse manager unifies the health care team to deliver a patient centered and well-planned health care system. According to Grand Canyon University (2013) there are several characteristics a nurse manager needs to have to assist them in negotiating the healthcare system and the issues that cause conflict that arise. The first of these is ethical decision making where nurse managers use both ethical codes of conduct and specialized knowledge to protect the rights of patients and employees simultaneously. The next one is legal environment where nurse managers are expected to stay up to date with the legal aspects and changes in health care. Legal healthcare knowledge is a crucial part of being able to protect patients, staff members and the organization. Then there is advocating where nurse managers are again protecting patients and staff by standing up for them.

Change is another issue nurse managers and leaders assist in initiating change in the advancing world of healthcare. They are finding new methods to use in healthcare with evidence-based practice which the hospital uses to administer the best quality patient care (Birken, Lee, & Weiner, 2012). Conflict resolution is vital characteristic to have for situations where there is conflict between management leaders, team members and patients. They step in to neutralize the situation and assist in resolving the conflict allowing for a safe work place environment. Communication is a must during high stress situations. Managers and leaders are there to prepare team members for crisis situations. They provide information, encourage team work and assist in preparation. A great example of this is when managers and leaders set up practice drills for staff in preparation of an emergency as well as during a disaster, leaders are in the forefront to guide team members to appropriate stations, keep staff calm and be proactive.


Birken, S. A., Lee, S. D., & Weiner, B. J. (2012, April 3). Uncovering middle managers role in healthcare innovation implementation. Implementation Science, 7(28).

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