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Base on this article :

  1. The article was written a few years ago, which immediately brings my attention to the potential changes to career paths and opportunities resulting from the Affordable Care Act, and the alternative legislation currently being debated in Congress. Do you have evidence that the data and sentiments in the article have changed since the article’s publication as a result of the ACA (or other forces)?
  2. The article points to a shift in job environments, away from hospitals, and more toward “schools, retail clinics, workplaces, and private homes.” Do you agree? Do you see evidence of this in practice?
  3. One would think, given the evidence and sentiment that the role of physician extenders (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) that these disciplines would be “booming,” and that training and credentialing tracks for these roles would be full….is this the case? What are the obstacles to continued growth in adjunctive disciplines like these?
  4. Alarmingly, the panel projects a physician shortage of 92,000 by 2020, and a “tsunami of RN retirements.” Scary predictions. Do you have evidence that this is true? Not true? How do you see these trends effected by the ACA and/or other trends currently impacting the health care labor market?

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