Two Discussion Question (2 to 3 Paragraphs a piece)

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Discussion 1 Describe the six steps in the systems approach and apply the systems approach to improving the quality of an accounting information system (AIS). Discussion 2 An organization is a regional distributor of widgets. Widgets purchased for the organization originate from small suppliers, and payment is made only with cash. To simplify operations, orders are only taken from customers via its website, and delivery of widgets to customers are handled by a third-party shipping company. All sales are done on account on a net 30 basis and the simplicity of the operation allows the business to be operated by a husband and wife team and no other employees. The wife handles the website programming and all customer service activities (such as customer questions and complaints requiring replacement widgets), and the husband handles all other aspects of the operation (i.e., accounting functions and collections of accounts receivables).
From the information provided:
•Identify the major business processes used by the organization.
•What are the most important business processes for the organization’s strategic goals and objectives?
•Would the business processes change if the organization added a new product and became bigger?

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