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Financial Risk

By design, companies frequently take on risk in their business. As a matter of strategy, risk management is implemented to mitigate the dangers that can accompany these risks. For this Assignment, evaluate risk-management strategies based on the information presented in a company’s SEC 10-K.

To prepare:

o For Stone Energy Corporation, review Item 7 “Management Discussion and Analysis” of the SEC 10-K. Identify the different risks that discussed in this section.

o Select at least two of the risks from Item 7 “Management Discussion and Analysis.”


2-page executive summary that evaluates the risks identified by the company in its most recent SEC 10-K filing. In your executive summary:

o Determine whether each is an internal risk (one they can control) or an external risk (one that is external to the organization).

o Provide an evaluation of the strategy the company is using to manage these risks.

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