Two question

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First question limited two days (3. docx)

One and half page, single space

Second question limited five days (Ally bank)

1.Using five forces model to conduct an external analysis of the banking industry. Is the industry attractive?
2.Conduct a financial analysis. What can be learned from an analysis and comparison of recent Ally Financial and Ally Bank financial records?3.Define the pressing issues requiring immediate attention from corporate leaders. What corporate structure makes the best sense in the current situation?

Assessment will be based on the basis of the following:

Write-up (10%)

Quality and depth of answers to each question (9%)

Accuracy in describing the problems/issues

Use concepts and strategic tools to analyze the issues

Provide specific evidence to support your conclusions

Structure, style, sources of information (1%)

No more than 5 pages excluding cover page; double spaced, 1 inch margins; 12 point font;

Free of spelling errors or grammar errors

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