UNE Sociology Treatment Approach and Techniques Paper

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Throughout your studies in the MSW program, you will be working to develop your clinical philosophy for treatment for both individual and family therapy. Now that you have learned about the various treatment approaches and modalities that can be applied to substance abuse work, please integrate these new insights into your emerging/evolving clinical philosophy as a professional and respond to the following questions:

Of all the treatment approaches and modalities that you’ve learned about this week and in prior courses (e.g., CBT, DBT, narrative, harm reduction, motivational interviewing, group therapy, etc.), which is one of your favorites and why?

Briefly describe the major tenets of your chosen approach and cite reasons why you feel it could be impactful with clients diagnosed with substance use disorders and how it could be applied with them. Provide examples.

Describe one intervention/technique that hails from your treatment approach that could be used with substance abuse clients. There are a plethora of options to choose from the various models, so please attempt to pick one that is different than something your peers have already written about. The idea is to share as many resources within your group as possible to add to your “intervention toolboxes.”


Textbook: Van Wormer, K. & Davis, D.R. (2018). Chapter 6 (pp. 246-293), Chapter 8 (pp. 313-351), & Chapter 9 (pp. 353-387).

Textbook: Sheff, D. (2013). Parts IV & V (Chapters 9-14).

Cooper, S.E. (2018). A primer on college student substance use disorders: screening, assessment, and treatment planning. Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, 32(1), 73-89.

Crits-Christoph, P., Connolly-Gibbons, M.B., Johnson, J.E., & Gallop, R. (2013). Process predictors of the outcome of group drug counseling. Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 81(1), 23-34. 

National Institute on Drug Abuse: What is Drug Addiction Treatment? 

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment Solutions: Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy Models

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration: Treatments for Substance Use Disorders

  • Optional Textbook: Vaughn, M. & Perron, B. (2013). Chapters 6–8 (pp. 87–136), Chapter 11 (pp. 183-195), & Chapter 13 (pp. 213-224).



Practice Demonstration – Substance Abuse Counseling Video (Time 23:04 mins)

Substance Abuse Treatment and Group Therapy Video: TIP41 Group Therapy for Counseling Training and CEUs for LPC and Addiction Counselors (Time 1 hr, 26 mins) – Transcript

Optional: Alan Marlatt on Harm Reduction Therapy for Substance Abuse Video: (Time 1 hr, 11 mins).


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