Unit 1 Discussion Board Special Education

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you are going to be a teacher of students with intense intervention needs, you should be knowledgeable about the social history of disability. It’s critical for you to be able to analyze and evaluate your actions as an educator and a member of society and the actions of others, including organizations such as school districts, in the context of the goals of the disability movement.
How have people with disabilities, especially severe disabilities, been treated over the years? How have the perceptions of people without disabilities affected this treatment in positive and negative ways? How have factors including availability of resources, acting from a moral code, and medical/technological advances affected the lives of people with disabilities? What do people with disabilities want for themselves and how have they self-advocated?
Using several of the posted website resources, give yourself an overview of disability history. Then, for your initial discussion post, describe and reflect on at least three historical events that affected people with disabilities in positive or negative ways. For each event, make sure to mention the website you consulted. Include your thoughts on issues such as prejudice and discrimination, safety and concern for the individual, and the role of religious beliefs and political climate. End your post with a summary of what you learned and how this is likely to affect your actions in the future.
HERE are the three websites I want to use:
http://mn.gov/web/prod/static/ mnddc/live/parallels/
http://mn.gov/mnddc/ parallels2/
NOTE: For the initial post, 3 to 4 paragraphs is required.


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