University of Nairobi Occupations and Domain Categories Discussion

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You will be analyzing 4 categories/sub-categories of the Domain (as defined by the OTPF 4th ed). These categories include (a) performance patterns, (b) contexts: environmental and personal factors, (c) performance skills, and (d) client factors.

1. Performance patterns- Going to school

2. Context: environmental & personal factors- Riding a bike on vacation


1. Locate the list of occupations to be analyzed for Occupational Analyses

(see above)

2. Using the OTPF 4th ed, please list all the relevant items from the category (1) that you observed someone using to perform the occupation listed in (2). You may use direct observation of the occupation, viewing a video.

3. List the relevant items according to the OTPF. Briefly describe what each item is and

how it relates to the specific occupation being analyzed.

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