University of New England Substance Abuse Discussion

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According to Vaughn & Perron (2013) in the optional text for the course, “evidence has shown that substance abuse prevention and treatment programs are more successful when they are grounded in the participant’s culture. In addition, treatments that are tailored to meet specific cultural needs have been shown to have high retention rates, which is crucial for success. An intervention is culture-specific when it begins with the culture and builds the program around that culture’s experiences with drug use and related cultural norms, attitudes, and beliefs. Cultural-specific interventions not only incorporate cultural symbols and language but also core values that influence how a person, their support systems, and their community perceive their substance use. A culturally specific approach accounts for deeper aspects of culture such as norms and values by considering the cultural context at every level of program development” (p.170).

There is a multitude of empirically-validated substance abuse prevention and treatment interventions and programs available to help clients. For purposes of this discussion, please conduct research via scholarly journal articles in the library or through online searches for a particular substance abuse prevention or treatment program/intervention that you can share with the class and educate about. The program should be specific to a particular ethnic or cultural group of your choosing (e.g., LGBT, American Indian, women, etc.) and can be targeted toward either adolescents or adults.

Please name and give an overall description of the program/intervention that you chose and provide an assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, outcomes, etc. What are your personal/professional impressions of this treatment program/intervention? Provide 1-2 website links to relevant literature or articles about your chosen treatment program/intervention for your peers to read more about. Be sure to avoid duplication of other peers’ program selections so that we can have a diverse compilation of options to examine. 400 Words, APA format.


Wormer, K. & Davis, D. (2018). Addiction treatment: a strengths perspective. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-1305943308


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