University of Texas at Dallas Sociology Worksheet

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Hello, can you please answer the following questions and type it on a document in this format:

1. A

2. C

and so on.

I only need the number and correct answer choice next to it. (Above is just an example, may or may not be the correct answer.)

Sociology assignment

1. The interpretation and response to a message depends on both verbal and nonverbal symbols. This is from the ___

a) convergence b) contagion c) emergent norm d) none of the above

2. The parts that make up our society are called_______.
a) norms b) institutions c) laws d) theories e) none of the above

3. The ____ theorist contends that society is like a sports arena with groups in competition with one another for scarce
a) Conflict b) Structural Functional c) Symbolic Interactionist d) none of the above

4. The Social structure is not based on the interrelation of parts but produces patterns of inequality. This is from the ____
a) Conflict b) Structural Functional c) Symbolic Interactionist d) Emergent e) none of the above

5. Sociology is the study of ______
a) companionship b) group behavior c) cause and effect d) the social structure e) all of the above

6. In Sociology we use the _____ to find the truth and facts.
a. power of protest b. police dept. c. poor school district d. scientific method e. none of the above

7. A group or community experiencing anomie will be full of ______
a. violence b. crime c. suicide d. all of the above e. none of the above

8. Deviant behavior results from a gap between the _____ of society and the approved ______ for achieving those goals.
a. goals/means b. dominant gender/food c. laws/regulations d. all of these e. none of these.

9. People become deviant because ______ and _____ reflect the interest of the powerful members of society.
a. cats/dogs b. laws/norms c. salaries/education d. police/social control e. none of the above

10. People also become deviant because of _______ socialization. They have failed to learn the norms of behavior for their
a. conspicuous consumption b. fashion c. rehabilitation d. status e. inappropriate/inadequate

11. _____ is a form of assimilation imposed on the minority by the majority
a. amalgamation b. panic c. craze d. rumor e. none of the above

12. Social Stratification is the ranking of individual members of society according to differences in possession of resources
such as
a. income b. wealth c. prestige d. power e. all of the above

13. ___________ are forms of Social Stratification
a. Estates b. Slavery c. Caste d. a Social Class systems e. all of the above

14. ______ is a right or immunity granted to people as a benefit or favor because of membership in a group
a. symbolic ethnicity b. privilege c. passing d. achieved status e. remittance

15. You may experience social inequality as a result of your _________.
a. address b. family name c. taste preferences d. leisure activities e. all of the above

16. The spending of money on trivial or extravagant goods trying to make oneself appear rich is called _______.
a. Conspicuous consumption b. success c. The American Dream d. Achieved Status e. all of the above

17. The amount of _____ a group possess determines whether their group is a minority; not their numbers.
a. people b. power c. cultural drift d. money e. all of the above

18. The dominant group in a society may treat minority group members in the society with ______
a. exclusion b. experimentation c. expulsion d. extermination e. all of the above

19. The exponential law of population growth was theorized by
a. Margaret Sanger b. Karl Marx c. Thomas Malthus d. C. Wright Mills e. Howard S. Becker

20. According to Thomas Malthus in order to keep a population from growing you must introduce into that
a. poverty b. misery c. disease d. celibacy e. all of the above

21. The NeoMalthus approach to population control is to ________
a. Reward nonfamily lifestyles b. Redefine traditional family c. postpone or avoid marriage d. remove penalties for non
procreative sexual relations e. all of the above

22. The production and distribution of cheap, easy to obtain, quick to prepare, inferior food will most likely be made
available to unwanted _____ for the purpose of stagnating/reducing their population.
a. minorities b. rules c. governments d. none of the above e. all of the above

23. Education can stimulate or bring about desired ____
a. health care b. voter participation c. economic growth d. religious experience e. social change

24. Better educated people have greater access to____
a. religion b. factual information c. better schools d. none of these

25. Religion is used to_________
a. control people b. reinforce subordinate behavior c. bring about societal cohesiveness d. all of these

26. The Functions of the Media is to_________
a. entertain b. communicate c. occupy time d. all of these e. none of these

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