veterans issues and education

Please I have attached the research paper to be used for this project. Also please make sure to also address the comments in the research paper. This research paper is a proposal. I have also attached the proposal checklist to be used for this research.Attached is the checklist …you will follow this checklist very carefully. You will see that the checklist presents for you all of the information that needs to be in each section of the proposal. Use the subheadings that are presented in the checklist in the order they are presented in the checklist. There may be a template for the proposal on Walden’s research page…so you should look for a template and use that formatting ..see this page for resources:

When you have a full draft of the proposal completed…you will complete the checklist by putting page numbers on where the information can be found…and submit the draft with the checklist. I will use the checklist to make sure you have covered everything.

Also, make sure you are using APA 7th edition…with total precision.

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