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Assignment: This exercise will provide experience in making inferences about the cultural geography of a place using clues in the cultural landscape.  In order to complete this assignment you will need to go to any mapping site on the internet (Google Earth, Google Maps, Map Quest, etc.).  Find a state in the United State that interests you.  
You may not use Alabama.  Using the zoom slider, zoom in on the state, and being to identify 
toponyms or place names (SEE CHAPTER 6 and 7) within that state.  Try to use only city and town names.    These toponyms should provide you clues about the culture that settled that area or the dominant culture that resides there now.
After locating your state, you will begin to notice toponyms that correspond to the following natural and cultural features.  Find 
two place names for each feature listed below and create a list, be sure to include your state name at the top of this list.
                                  +++ 2 States Needed.++
1-water features (example—Sandy Springs or Taylor River)
2- land features (example—Nichols Hills or Apple Valley)
3-wildlife (example—Buffalo or Ant Springs)
4-occupations (example—Dairyland or Iron City)
5-religion (example—Los Angeles or St. Paul)
6-European cities (example—New Berlin or Rome)
7-in Native American Languages (example—Milwaukee or Pascagoula)
8-after people (example—Washington or Madison)

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