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Eng 305T/Paper 1: Proposal

Due Date: February 24th

Length: 6-8+ Pages Double Spaced/Tms Roman-12 point font/1” margins

Style Sheet Documentation: MLA or your choice


Purpose: This paper attempts to provide information to the professional audience of readers that informs them about a problem within the major or profession. This paper is the basis for the next paper (Paper 2: Abstract/Annotative Bibliography) which gathers 20 sources and attempts to solve the problem by gathering research to use in the Final Paper which presents solutions to the problem.


Instructions: Type the headings “Section I:” etc. into the paper and then provide the appropriate content. The headings are underlined below:

Section I: Definition of the Problem

 Use the following sentence to tell the topic problem to the audience of readers:

“Within the major/profession of _____________, the problem is ____________, and involves the subtopics of ________,_________, and _________”


Section II: Description of the Problem:

Using the 3 subtopics from Section I, write at least 2 well-developed paragraphs for each subtopic. Each of the paragraphs will be related to the particular subtopic it represents. Use and Cite at least   10 sources in Section II. Each paragraph should have at least one source cited per paragraph. Feel free to use your own point of view as long as it is in third person and supported with source citation.



Subtopic 1= 2 paragraphs

Subtopic 2= 2 paragraphs

Subtopic 3= 2 paragraphs

Total= 6 paragraphs for Section II.


In each paragraph, use descriptions of the problem so that the audience understands how the problem influences the major or profession. Keep in mind that you will be writing to the professional audience. Use sources as needed to cite the problem in relevant literature.

Section III: Impact Analysis

In well-developed paragraphs, explain how the problem will influence the major/profession if it is not solved.  This section should be written in third-person point-of-view (no “I” references) and should explain how the problem and its description in Section II. Influence the profession and show how the problem will impact or influence the profession in the future if not solved. This section may incorporate relevant statistics or facts in sources to substantiate the claims or point of view made by the writer. Additional sources may be used by the writer.



Bibliography: Provide a complete Works Cited Sheet for sources used in this paper. Sources also need to be cited in the text (body) of Section II.



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