Entire Book Review RB

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each question has to be 200 words. the book name The house of lim, study of a chinese farm family by Margery Wolf.


questin #1 For those students who want to do one large book review, you may combine parts 1 and 2:

you will consider the larger socio-historical context in which the book was written, including limited details about the author and their methodology. Next you will provide a summary of the setting of the book, answering the question, “How does Wolf introduce us to this topic?” 



question#2 Then choose two people embedded in key family relationships and will answer the following questions, 1) How do these individuals understand their roles and identities within the family? 2) What conflicts do they experience with other family members? And 3) What are privileges do they draw upon based on their status in the family and what rights and duties must they perform (and to whom) based on their familiar roles?

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