excel assignment 98


1. Download the Excel Assignment TemplateLinks to an external site..

2. Apply the following formatting to each specified sheet:

Sheet 1 (This sheet will be blank when you open the template.)

  • Rename Sheet 1 to ‘Data’.
  • Title columns A-C: Name, Date, and Amount.
  • In column A, list the last names of 8 fictional patients.
  • In column B, enter a random date for each patient.
  • In column C, enter a random amount of medication for each patient.
  • Alphabetize the patient last names in A-Z sort order.
  • Insert a new column between columns A and B. This does not have to be populated with data, but it can be used for patient first names.
  • Insert a new row within the middle of your list. This does not have to be populated with data, but it can be.
  • Apply center alignment on all cells with data in them.
  • Change the Font in all cells that contain data – do not use Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • Use the Border tool to create definition around a cell within your sheet.
  • Choose a Fill color for your column and row titles.
  • Autofit the width and height of all cells with data in them so all data is clearly visible.

Meds sheet

  • Remove the formatting from cell D5 on the Meds sheet so that cell D5 appears like the other cells in the sheet.
  • Use the SUM function to find the sum of the numbers in column D.
  • Use the AVG function to find the average of the numbers in column D.
  • Place a third formula (e.g., MAX, MIN, COUNT) in a non-adjacent cell. This means you will need to manually type the formula and cell range into a cell.

BMI sheet

  • Enter random weight amounts in cells B7:B11.
  • Enter random height amounts in cells C7:C11.
  • Copy and paste the BMI formula into cells D7:D11. You can use an Excel drag-and-drop feature to copy and paste the BMI formula; see A Faster Way to Use the Fill Handle (Links to an external site.) video for assistance.
  • Once the formula is copied, highlight cells B2:D11 and create a comparison chart.

BP sheet

  • Insert an Excel chart (graph) of your choice using the blood pressure data provided on this sheet.
  • Apply at least three customization formats to your chart. List the three customizations you implemented in a cell near the chart.

Sheet 5

  • Delete Sheet 5.

Your submission this week will be an Excel workbook (.xls, .xltx, or .xlsx).

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