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You are a Manager of Sustainability at the University.With a budget of $200,000, what would you suggest the University undertake to continue to enhance its sustainability on campus.

Step 1:explain a current sustainable practice practiced at the UNIVERSITY .Then justify the need for

improvement/enhancement. you will need to point out what’s wrong with present condition(s) In other words, why it/they need to be enhanced.

Step2 What do you suggest/recommend be done to enhance/improve the current sustainable practice practiced at the University and Refer to the budget : how much of the 200, 000 budget will be spent on the enhancement.

step Three Now you will move on to the Visualization step. The visualization step can be achieved in a positive way or a negative way.

Positive visualization step: Describe the conditions if your enhancements are actually carried out. Picture the listeners in that situation actually enjoying the safety, pleasure, or pride that your sustainability enhances will produce.

Negative visualization step : Describe conditions if your solution is notcarried out. Picture the audience feeling the bad effects

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