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Read the posts of the other learners and post scholarly responses to two of your peers. Offer suggestions for improving the functioning of the team or shared leadership. Include text concepts, relevant research, and professional or practical experiences to support your responses.

Student post down below:

The Hill Model gives a through breakdown of leadership decision making. This leadership model places a supervisory individual in the forefront who gives direction and monitor the reactions of his orders. This model provides methodological layout of how a team works together for a common goal. This model also allows a leader to make effective decisions to so a team can get the praise instead of one individual receiving credit for the accomplished goal.

This leadership model would assist within a human service organization by having one individual who set goals, productivity, and deadlines. This leader has the ability to diagnose correctly and choose right actions (Northouse, 2019). By following this model, it enables for one to access all predicaments and distribute to each team who can complete the task effectively. For most human services organization provide several options of care along with different demographics.

Some of the key factors needed for a team to run effectively is collaborative climate and external support and recognition. These key elements gives the ability of a team to collaborate or work well together is essential to team effectiveness and A supportive organizational context includes material resources, rewards for excellent performance, an educational system to develop necessary team skills, and an information system to provide data needed to accomplish the task. A common mistake is to give organizational teams challenging assignments but fail to give them organizational support to accomplish these assignments.

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