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Imagine that you are selected as the screenwriter for a new Back to the Future film. Your sponsors ask that you select a modern figure from popular culture and send him or her back to the time of the American Revolution. Do not select a political figure for this Assignment.

Part I: Introduce your individual. Who are they today? Why are you selecting this person for the Assignment? Give context for the person you have chosen, as people in the Revolutionary Era would not be familiar with this person.

Part II: Next, put the person into the historical time. What role will they play in the events – for example, a leader, a rebel, a supporter, an artist? You get to decide. How will your individual respond to the American Revolutionary efforts? You will write a short narrative of their adventures. This can be written as an essay, play, or short story.

You must highlight two different events in the American Revolution and explain this modern figure’s response to them. Be specific about the two events, introduce them using the text, and then discuss your expectations for how your modern figure might react to the events. Give detail to set the scene, reflect what you have learned about the American Revolution, and reflect on some of the differences between our time and the Revolutionary Era.

You are required to use and cite the textbook as a source. You may want to use and cite other research as well.

The Assignment should be 500–750 words. You may follow the Assignment template in Doc Sharing. Follow the formatting guidelines put forth in the APA style of writing, and structure your thoughts in essay format – introductory paragraph and thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion

Template provided

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