history 103

Checklist for Triangle Fire Essays


___ Write a three page essay using The Triangle Fire: a Brief History with Documents.

___ Develop a main point based on the information and insights you gained from the book.

___ Relate your main point to major historical developments of the early 1900s.

___ Write in short or medium-size paragraphs.

___ Include information from at least five of the documents in Part Two of the book.

___ Develop your key points with specific information, insights and quotes from the documents.  You may also use the introduction or information from our textbook.

___ Try to include at least twelve short quotes from the book.

___ Instead of using footnotes, mention your sources in the essay when you use them.  Notice that each document has a different author.   (Jo Ann Argersinger wrote the introduction and also the little notes introducing each document.)

___ Tell a little bit about each person you quote, and indicate why they are a useful source.

___ Give a page number in parentheses for where you find quotes or specific information.

            Example:  Clara Lemlich, a young shirtwaist worker, recalled that many of the girls could barely             afford to buy the product they were making:  “Some girls can buy only one, perhaps two        shirtwaists a year—while they help to make thousands of them.”  (57)

___ In your conclusion, discuss how the insights gained from these documents can enrich our lives and add to our understanding of the world.  You may note if you found any of the writings particularly rewarding.



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