db program capstone

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Answer each question wiht 2-3 paragraphs


1. Please describe and explain how (or if)  you would apply Equity Theory.  Discuss how this theory fits the modern business environment. Is it still relevant? 


2. One of the important decisions that strategic managers face involves Outsourcing and Offshoring. Please describe when these strategies should be considered and what limitations or factors make Outsourcing or Offshoring an undesirable course of action. Discuss any experience you have with these activities and the implications to the business of a decision to Outsource various elements.


3. One of the key skills that we expect Managers to exhibit is Leadership.   But what is it?  Please define leadership and explain your definition in terms of the approach from which it was derived or conceptualized (Individual, Dyadic, Group, Organization).  Why do you think this definition is better than one developed from a different classification. 


4. Please tell us who you believe is the best Chief Executive Office of a corporation in the market today?  Why, what skills and accomplishments lead you to believe this person is the BEST?


5. This week’s question involves Entrepreneurship, please describe the various types of ownership that may be selected when starting a business.  Which type would you select if you were starting a business and why?


6. Please describe the process of deciding if a new business is a good risk. Please include a discussion of the market conditions and the overall economic conditions that would create an optimal situation for an Entrepreneur considering launching a new business. How do those conditions relate to our current economic conditions in the US.


7. Please explain an ethical challenge faced by a manager considering the implementation of a Business Process Re-engineering Program. 


8. Please describe the Balanced Score Card as it applies to executive management performance.  Is this approach beneficial?  What elements are typically included in a Balanced Score Card.   Please define a Balanced Score Card that could be used to evaluate the CEO of Ford Motor Company.  Review the contributions of your class members and discuss any differences between your submission and theirs.


9. Review and Critique the performance of your role in the company during the simulation exercise.  How did you contribute to the success of the company?  What did you learn?


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