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Using this week’s readings from Zambrana to help analyze the documentary “Lost In Detention” from a social structural or systemic perspective.  You will not be examinging detention centers from an individual perspective but as a larger social phenomenon.  You may refer to Dr. Gradilla’s PPTs as well but you will mostly rely on the Zambrana readings.

Be thorough and precise in your post–it should not be vague or ambiguous.  Remember to respond to at least one post.  Make sure your response is not merely a question but a substantial demonstration that you read and understood the post you are responding too.  You may agree or RESPECTFULLY disagree with the post.  You must answer all three parts of the question. Please consult the syllabus for all of the requirements regarding posts.


1) The ICE detention centers pose real social and political problems. Explain how the Willacy Detention Center serves to reinforce discriminatory institutional racial and anti-immigrant practices. What are the flaws in the in the approach used to deal with the various issues discovered at this facility?

2) Analyze and contrast the different ways Spanish language news and English language news reports and represents rounding up of immigrants for the purpose of deportation. How would the public perception change of the round ups if there were inclusion of the numbers being deported and the consequences of those deportations in the English language news (i.e. the deterioration of the families and communities)? 

3) Currently the Obama administration is under criticism for its inability to push for real comprehensive immigration reform. Analyze how and why the expansion of ICE has led to the internment of immigrants and how these policies demonstrate institutional racism?

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