cj 2241 survey criminal law due noon cst must answer db posts below response each mush be 0

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Each question is to be answered with at least 75 words with proper citing of sources PEER Articles only please APA format!  Each response is to be separated 1-5 this way I know which is which

The responses below are to have differnt views of whats written above so that I can post later in my discussion B

1) 50 Response  2) 50 Response  3) 50 Response  4) 50 Response  5)50 Response 

(Text is Criminal Procedure Sixth Edition)


As you find out or have found out about gangs in your area, here is the discussion scenario that involves one of your local gangs.

20 members of a local gang have been arrested for murder, armed robbery, and distribution of drugs. How will you, as a prosecutor, handle the following:

pretrial detention; preliminary hearing; bail; venue; arraignment; joinder and severance; and plea bargaining. Remember these gang members have other gang members still in the community. Witnesses are already being threatened as are the local sheriff’s deputies.

Name and summarize ONE case in your OWN words that applies to one of the above issuesand give a summary of 75 wordssummary (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) (refer to chapter 5). 


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